What is Little Liars Club?

Little Liars Club is the club that helps children when they get into trouble because of a lie. Did you lie that you ate your chicory, but is it actually hidden in your sleeve? Or did you brag to your friends that you have an elephant at home? Little Liars Club will help you and provides that elephant!

The club was founded by Madame Lily, who believes that lies are also very good stories. There are different clubs throughout the country, which are usually located behind or underneath a library. You can only get in through a secret entrance. And only if you are a member ...


Little Liars Club can be found everywhere: on this site, on YouTube, on Instagram, in books, ... Experience the story in your own way.

Some members of the club:



Ides has a big mouth, but a heart of gold. He would love to do so many crazy things, but he usually doesn't dare. With parents with a busy job, he is often dependent on himself, so that his imagination quickly takes the upper hand. In his head he does the craziest things, in real life most of the times he takes a step back.



Alice is the little sister of Ides. She acts before she thinks and doesn't really care about a lie more or less. She comes along with her brother, but also often argues with him. Alice has turned the absence of her parents into an advantage: she decides everything.

Alice has one big addiction: candy. She always walks around with candy in her mouth.



Gloria loves singing and dancing and buying beautiful clothes. She knows that it is a bit of a cliché, but she doesn't mind. On the contrary, Gloria loves clichés, she doesn’t mind making fun of herself.

Much to the annoyance of both of her moms, she is not interested in school. Just doing what you like is fine.



The silent boy of the gang. He is not really handy and not tough either. He knows a lot, but only says something if you ask him. He lives alone with his dad, who protects him excessively. And Joon gets tired of that sometimes. But of course he doesn't say that.

The most important people in the club:



For Mr. Wally order and courtesy are very important. The librarian runs the Little Liars Club, commissioned by his employer, the unknown Mrs. Lily. He seems to see everything, hear everything and have a solution even before there is a problem.

The lie teachers


Lying is a profession in itself, as well as resolving lies. That is why Wally is assisted by a few lie teachers, each with their own specialties.


The clown of the gang. She always wants to tell jokes, but the level is not always that high.



She should be the most handy of the club. With the emphasis on 'should'.



The strongest. If he is not working, he is in working out. Performs everything literally and rarely thinks by himself.



If something needs to go fast, you can call on Quickie. Sometimes she is even gone before she has received the order, to the annoyance of Wally.



Knows everything of telephones, cameras, smartwear and other technology. But a little too often he thinks he is a Hollywood director.



She serves as a tour guide. If the children have to go somewhere, she will accompany them. And she insists on fully informing everyone regardless of the circumstances.


Dj Peejay

Peejay is always singing and sees music everywhere. He provides the soundtrack for the Little Liars Club.

The books

Book 1 - The vlogging monkey

Ides doesn’t know much about YouTube, and even less about vlogging. And that in these modern times! Outrageous, right?


And yet he suddenly has a fan. Because he is lying about being a famous vlogger. Smart? Not really. The fan turns his life upside down. Literally, because suddenly he is hanging upside down a bridge in a monkey suit. Maybe he shouldn't have lied.


Please note: this book is not for sale. There are only 250 copies and you can only win the book.

Book 2 - The dirtiest competition in the world

Gloria does not like horses. Nothing wrong with that, not all girls have to love horses. But when there is a competition to win a horse, she still participates. Not for herself, but to annoy that nasty girl from her class. Not really sympathetic? That’s right.


But when Gloria suddenly gets a turd on her plate, she realizes she shouldn't have lied.

Book 3 - A night in Bazaar Bizarre

Joon is anything but a tough hero. But his classmates don't need to know. So he goes to spend the night with them in a toy store. Nice idea, right? In the beginning it's fun with slime battles and bombing the inflatable pool. Until suddenly there is a Batman in the store, who tries to take the children away, along with some other strange characters. Maybe Joon shouldn't have lied, because unlike himself, Batman really is a tough hero ...

The Media

Little Liars Club becomes alive in the theaters. This is the trailer for the first play:

Wally explains what The Little Liars Club is all about:

There are all kinds of lies. Malika desperately wants a dog. And with the help of the Little Liars Club she tricks her dad: